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  He gasped again, raggedly, and I slipped him out of my mouth, but continued to move my hands on him until he captured my wrists in his hands and pulled me up against his chest. I wiped my lips on my wrist, still tasting his come, still feeling his cock stretching my lips and jaw.

  I wasn't sure what I thought of having given my first blow job. I tried to analyze my feelings. It wasn't bad, I didn't dislike it. He was gasping and trembling still, clutching me against him as if he never wanted to let go. I liked that part. I liked what it did to him. I didn't like gagging, but if I didn't take him so deep next time that wouldn't happen. The rest His come didn't taste bad at all. I loved his cock, loved feeling it, holding it, tasting it.

  "Mio dio, Delilah," Luca whispered into my hair. "That was...sorprendente...amazing."

  I nuzzled his shoulder, pleased and embarrassed. "You liked it?" I ran my hands on his chest and belly. "I mean...I did okay, for my first time?"

  Luca laughed, incredulous. "Okay? Dio, Delilah. I've never...never was it so good. You have never done that before? I am not so sure I believe you. What did you think?"

  I shrugged, uncomfortable talking about it. "It, for the most part. I liked how much you liked it."


  "I'm not sure I like gagging on you, though."

  Luca laughed, gently. "Well, that do I say it with tact? You do not have to allow that to happen. Most women...I know, do not like that, either. It is a thing that they think men like, so some will do it, to please the man, or to impress, perhaps? But I think the men who like to see a woman feel gagged in that action, it is only because they find some...perverse pleasure in the...I cannot think of the word. To make feel less? To downgrade?"


  "Yes, that is it, thank you. Those men like to degrade the woman, to feel themselves more powerful." Luca nudged my face so I was looking at him; his eyes were gentle and affectionate, frighteningly so. "Delilah, you must please listen closely. I do not like that. To degrade you, it is...not my wish. I want you to feel good for yourself. To have esteem about your mind and your body and your heart, all of you. I do not wish that kind of pretended, negative power over you."

  He kissed me, put a finger over my lips to forestall anything I might say.

  "To pleasure me like that...with your mouth, it feels good for me, yes? But not so good as being with you, in you. If you wish to do that, of your own choice, then I will like it. But do not think you must, or should, or need to, only to please me." He brushed his fingers through my hair, smiling at me. "You understand?"

  I nodded.

  "Now...let me see what I can do to make you feel as I do," Luca said, smiling at me.

  He kissed my throat, and then my shoulder, and then between my breasts. I felt his palms skim my skin, slide past my face and to my nipples. I felt a quiver hit my belly, a rush of pure anticipation. He'd done this once before, so I knew what he was going to do and how it would feel, and good gravy, did I want it. I wanted his tongue on me, his fingers in me, right then. But, of course, he made me wait. I suppose that's a good thing, since it enhanced the anticipation. He traveled down my body with his lips at a leisurely pace, slipping lower and lower, lips touching the curves of my breasts, the padded bone of my ribs, the ivory drum of my belly. I trembled all over, tangled my fingers in his hair, my breath coming faster and faster as he moved closer to my wet, aching sex. He was so close, I wanted to push his face into me, but I didn't. I forced my hands to rest lightly in his inky hair and wait for him to find my folds at his own pace.

  Time seemed to stop as he grew nearer to my pussy, kissing the round muscle of my thighs, outside first, then the inside. I ached, feeling a whelming pressure in the depths of my womanhood. One of his hands found my breast, cupped and palmed and held it, then rolled a taut nipple between gentle, calloused fingers. I gasped, and then moaned as he lapped at my labia, slow upward strokes at first, testing my folds, tasting them.

  "Yes, Luca, more..." I said, the words escaping from me.

  He complied, drove his tongue into me, split my nether lips apart to taste my juices. His unoccupied hand trailed across my belly, past his chin, and two fingers slipped into my pussy, curled up to stroke the sensitive patch of rough skin. I whimpered and arched my back. He rolled his tongue around my clit, pinching my nipple and circling my G-spot all in the same motion, same rhythm. Faster now, bringing my hips to a bucking frenzy and my breathing to ragged gasps...and then he slowed, almost to a stop.

  I did pull his face against me then, and he resumed a quick lapping, but matched it with a slow circling of his fingers inside me while flicking my nipple gently. I couldn't think of much, but I did have a moment of respect for his ability to multi-task.

  Now the whelming pressure in my loins spread, turned molten and then fiery. The trembling in my legs became shaking, the quivering in my belly became a desperate rolling of my hips into his mouth.

  All at once, everything exploded. I saw stars flash across my eyes and every muscle in my body turned liquid, jellified by electric orgasm. Luca's breath sucked in against my folds, a blast of cold air, and then he breathed out, a gout of hot air, and then the electricity became unbearable, overwhelming. My trembling and shaking became spastic and my moans shrieks of pleasure as he licked and licked, stroked and stroked.

  And then I passed the point of frenzy and fell into helplessness, my legs going limp, my hands heavy on his shoulders, and I felt a lazy thought float through me: I wonder if his jaw and tongue get tired?

  I drew him up to me, clutching his head by the jaw and ears, clumsy and floppy, seeing flashes in front of my eyes, aftershocks shuddering my entire lower half. I clung to him, barely able to breathe.

  Just when I was beginning to catch my breath and cease trembling, I felt something nudge my hip. I knew what it was, rolled to my side and smiled at Luca as I wrapped my fingers around his thick, rigid, ready cock. It wasn't so limp, suddenly.

  Luca leaned over me, touched his lips to mine, a hesitant, questing brush. I lifted up to deepen the kiss, pulled him over on top of me. My hands rested on his back as we kissed, in no hurry for this moment, simply reveling in the exploration of mouths. I felt his fingers hunt for my opening, and then his soft yet firm tip pierced me, slid deep into my pussy and fluttered with our hips flush.

  He didn't pull out and thrust yet but stayed deep, light, delicate flits, just enough to send thrills up my spine. I pulled my knees up to allow him deeper, rocked my buttocks to get a good thrust out of him, growing impatient now. I wanted the motion, wanted the glide in and slip out, the build of pressure and spread of fire.

  Luca wrapped his arms underneath my knees and lifted my legs up and straightened his torso. Kneeling over me now, he shifted forward, rested my heels on his shoulders, and then thrust.

  I went cross-eyed with ecstasy. He was deeper than I thought possible this way, and then he withdrew so only the broad tip of his cock was inside. He pulsed there, at my entrance, clutching my ass to hold me aloft.

  He drove hard, slashing into my wet pink folds. I arched my back, grasped at the sheet, and breathed a whimper. Out again, a brief ache of absence, and then he was gliding in and back out, and again, smooth, slow strokes. No rhythm yet, just Luca's throbbing manhood plunging in to stutter against my farthest inner wall, stuttering, slipping, sliding, Luca's gorgeous features limned with sweat and moonlight, his marvelously muscled body moving, contorting, shifting.

  "God yes, Luca," I breathed. "More. Harder."

  "Harder?" Luca grinned and clutched my thighs against his chest. "This I can do...mia bella Delilah."

  Harder he went, moving into me with primal rhythm, resting his cheek against my ankle, kissing my leg, thrusting hard and hard and hard, and now...oh, god...

  I was splintered by lightning in my belly, broken apart by a flood of release. I came again, a coiling detonation flinging me into the furthest fires of passion. And still he moved, lost within me now, delving deep and d