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  "Oh yeah? Like where?"

  "An elevator," I said. "Or a changing room, or on a boat, on an airplane, in the water...ummm...where else can you have sex?"

  "You mean where can you that you shouldn't?"

  I lifted an eyebrow at him. "Well, kind of, I suppose. I can't see a problem with having sex in public places, as long as you don't get caught. I'd imagine it would be kind of a rush, now that I think of it."

  Tre made a face that told me what he was going to ask next. "Have you ever done it in those places?"

  "Haven't we already had this conversation too?" I asked. "But, if you must know, no, I haven't. Not in any of those places. Actually, just now with you on the hood of the car was the first time I've ever even done it outside."

  "Wanna try?" Tre asked.

  "Try what?"

  "All those places." He glanced at me, and I realized he wasn't kidding.

  I stared at him. "Are you serious?"

  He nodded. "Totally serious. It was for real hot doing it with you on the car, outside."

  "You want to have sex with me in a public elevator? And you wouldn't be completely and totally horrified if someone walked in on us?"

  He shrugged. "It would be embarrassing, sure, but like you said, it seems like it would be a rush."

  "You're serious?"

  "Why not?"

  I shook my head. "I just didn't think you'd...I don't know. I guess I thought you'd be more conservative, for some reason. "

  "Well, I guess you really did unlock something inside me," he said, putting his hand on my knee, his voice more serious now. "I mean, I just can't get enough of you. Even when I just had you, I want you again."

  "Right now?"

  "All the time," Tre said.

  I put my hand on his leg and slid it upward, touching the zipper of his jeans. "It doesn't seem like you want me right now," I said.

  "Well, keep on touching me. You'll see," Tre said, smirking.

  I opened his pants and revealed his semi-erect cock, watching him through lowered lashes as I traced light lines on his firming flesh with my fingertips. I used only my fingers on him at first, sliding and twisting, rubbing in circles around the crown, tickling the fine hairs on his tightening sack, stroking the muscle just behind his balls and spreading the leaking clear fluid of his pre-come. He was fully erect again in no time. I unbuckled and leaned over him, touched my tongue to him.

  He smelled and tasted of our combined essences, a strong musky flavor that was totally different from his usual clean male taste of salt and skin and man. It wasn't unpleasant, only different.

  I wanted to do this differently than usual. Instead of taking him into my mouth, I added my own saliva to the juices smeared on his length, caressing him in a smooth, circular, rolling motion with my hands. When he began to roll his hips in time with my pumping, I paused with one hand to cup and squeeze and massage his engorged head with my palm. I licked the very tip of his cock with my tongue, kissing the side of it, all the while stroking his base with a fist, bringing his hips to a rocking rhythm again.

  I ceased moving my hand once his motion started to become desperate, working his tip solely with my tongue, sliding it around the groove under the head, taking only the first inch into my mouth and sucking gently. I glanced up at him as I took him sideways into my mouth so his cock bulged out my cheek; his fists gripped the steering wheel so hard his knuckles were white.

  I felt the tires buzz on the rumble strips at the road edge. "Eyes on the road, Tre," I said.

  "Can't help it," Tre said through gritted teeth. "Watchin' you put my cock in your mouth is hot."

  "Then pull over," I said, moving my hand on his length. "Wouldn't want to get in a wreck. That'd put a damper on our plans to have sex in public."

  He pulled the car to a stop on the side of the road, watching me as I bobbed my lips around his first inch of hard, throbbing flesh. "Does that mean we're doing the sex-in-public list?"

  "Mmmm-hmmmm," I hummed my affirmative response, and Tre's eyes fluttered at the vibrations.

  An idea struck me, and I had to stifle my grin of anticipation. I had a feeling he'd be a little...surprised by what I was about to do, and I didn't want to give away my plan.

  I continued to work his base with one hand and his pulsating head with my mouth. My other hand cupped his balls, massaged them, and then slid down farther to his taint, pressing in circles. He moaned and rocked his hips, and this time I didn't pause, but I did slow down my ministrations. I didn't want him to come, not yet.

  My middle finger slid from his taint inward, and now Tre's eyes flicked to me in surprise and not a little consternation. "What--what're you doin', Shea?"

  I smiled and licked his cock from base to tip, stretching him away from his body and stroking him with my fist, moving my finger closer and closer to my goal. Tre's eyes widened and his body went still as I found the tight hard knot of muscle and pressed, lightly at first. His eyes were locked on mine, his nostrils flaring and his mouth pressed in a thin, flat line.

  "Trust me?" I left my finger in place, but didn't press inward, yet.

  "I trust you all right," Tre said, "But--"

  "But what?" I slowed my strokes on his cock as he began to near climax.

  He hissed in frustration. "I don't know. I guess I never thought--"

  I sped up incrementally and applied a tiny bit of pressure with my finger. "You did it to me, and I enjoyed it. A lot."

  A little more pressure, and my fist moved faster. Tre closed his eyes and let his hips roll, driving his cock into my mouth. He wasn't objecting anymore, so I pushed in farther, slowly and carefully. His mouth split in a gasping 'O', and his body curled in even as his hips rocked faster. He was close, now. I let him thrust his length into my mouth, caressing his base in blurring rhythm, pulsing my middle finger deeper by subtle increments up to the first knuckle.

  Tre's forehead was resting against the steering wheel between his clenched fists, fluttering his hips frantically, gasping, "Oh god, oh god, oh god."

  I bobbed my head, taking him deep and then almost out, pausing with the tip between my lips to suck until my cheeks hollowed. Tre's teeth clenched and ground together audibly, and then he spasmed, arching backward without warning. I moved with him, sucking his head furiously and moving my fist along his length as fast as my hand would go, pulsing my finger back and forth. His entire body was rigid in the driver's seat, his face thrown back to the sky, his breath stuttering.

  And then he came. Oh, my lord. He came so hard his seed shot down my throat before I had a chance to swallow, and then again. I kept sucking, kept sliding my hand on him, and he kept coming until I lost count of how many times he spurted thick, salty heat into my throat.

  At long last his body went limp. At that moment, I heard the unmistakable and heart-stopping whoop-whoop of a police cruiser's siren behind us. I swore, and zipped and buttoned Tre back up as hurriedly as I could, then dug my cell phone out of my purse without sitting up. I waited until I heard the clip of the officer's boots. Before I sat up, I wiped my face clean on my sleeve.

  Tre was limp, sweating, and panting. He turned his head on the headrest to regard the jowly, overweight officer. I sat up, clutching my cell phone.

  "What exactly is going on here?" the officer demanded, his voice gruff and low.

  "I dropped my cell phone," I answered. "It slid beneath his seat so far we had to stop to get it." I held up my phone.

  The officer eyed Tre, who was slowly regaining composure. "Then what's wrong with him?"

  "He's been a bit under the weather recently," I said. "Bit of a stomach ache, low fever. It's been coming and going, you know how it is. He'll be fine for a bit, and then it hits him again."

  The officer didn't look like he believed me, but he seemed to realize he didn't have much choice. "Hmm. Well, move along. If the boy ain't feelin' good, you best get him home. Behind the wheel of a car ain't the place for him if he's sick. 'Specially one this expensive."