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  “Good to know,” I breathed.

  His fingers were inching toward the joining of my thighs, and I was struggling to hold out, to not spread my legs for him and beg him to touch me. Instead, I ground my backside against him, sliding up and down his rock-hard length. I wanted it, but I wouldn’t give in. He had to break first, or I’d never hear the end of it.

  I was still covering my ni**les with my hands, and Jason tried to nudge my hands out of the way. “Uh-uh, buster. You know the rules. Underwear, then you get to touch. ”

  “Oh, that’s the rules, huh? Since when?”

  “Since right now. ”

  He pressed his lips to my shoulder in a kiss, then across to my spine and down, down, each kiss sending trembles through my body, shivers along my skin. He was kissing my spine as he slid out of his underwear, and then I felt them settle on my head. I squealed and brushed them off.

  “Gross! I don’t want your sweaty boxers on my head, you jerk!” I spun in place, glaring at him.

  He was laughing, and he used my momentary distraction to reach up and cup my br**sts, which I’d released as I planted my hands on my hips to accentuate my irritation.

  “I win,” he said.

  I tried not to gasp when his thumbs brushed over my ni**les. “No…you…don’t,” I moaned. “I let you…”

  “Let me what?” He had the hard-beaded peaks pinched between his thumbs and forefingers, rolling them until I was unable to think.

  “Let you…win. ” I had to take the control back, I knew I did, but his hands knew all too well how to keep me distracted, and then his mouth descended to my br**sts and laved hot kisses over my skin, and I was gone, unable to prevent myself from arching into his mouth. “Oh, god, don’t stop. ”

  “No? You like that?” He paused his oral attention to smile up at me, smirking, knowing I’d given in.

  “Yeah, you know I do. ”

  “You want more?” I could only nod and remind myself to breathe.

  We’d both been so buried in schoolwork that this was the first chance we’d had to make love in over a week, and we were both desperate. I needed more, and he knew it, but he wanted to hear me say it.

  “Yes, I need more,” I whispered, holding his head against me, fingers tangled in his hair.

  “What else do you want?”

  I sucked in a breath as he pinched my nipple in his lips and stretched it away from my breast, releasing it with a pop. I had to take back some kind of control. I racked my brain, and then smiled to myself as I came up with a plan.

  “Take me,” I murmured.

  He slid up my body, his erection stuttering against my thigh and resting hot and hard against my belly. He pulled me against him, kissed me, and bent to lift me in his arms, intent on carrying me to the bed.

  I pushed him away. “No, not there. ”

  He frowned in confusion. “Then where?”

  I turned away from him, facing the door once again, and stood with my palms flat on the door, feet wide, bent slightly at the waist, head turned to watch him through a curtain of black curls. “Like this. ”

  “Oh, f**k. Are you serious?” His hands gripped my hips, paused, and then curved over my backside.

  “Like this, right now. ”

  He reached between my legs to trace a finger through my damp folds, dipping his middle finger into me, sliding up to circle my clit. “I lied,” he whispered, taking his erection in his hand and guiding himself to my entrance. “You win. ”

  “Don’t you forget it,” I said, and then lost capacity for speech as he slid slowly into me, burying himself deep and deeper, until his hips were flush against my ass.

  One hand on my hip, the other sliding up my back, he drew slowly out, then pushed back in, groaning. He thrust twice, then three times, and I nearly lost it right then, nearly fell over the edge just from the bliss of him inside me, but I struggled to hold it back. I wanted to go with him, wanted to feel my walls clench around him as he released.

  He started to move faster, and even though that was exactly what I needed in that moment, I slowed him with a whisper. “Not so fast, Jason. Slow down. As slow as possible. ”

  He halted mid-plunge, sliding in the rest of the way in a glacially slow thrust. “Like this?” He pulled back at the same pace, so slow it was barely movement.

  “Yes,” I gasped. “Just like that. So slow. ”


  I tweaked my nipple with one hand, sending a bolt of lightning shooting through my body as he slid back in. “So I can feel every inch of you as long as possible. ”

  He reached up to cup my breast, rolling my nipple between his middle fingers, pinching almost too hard at the same moment that he impaled himself in me. I gasped, ducking my head as the impending climax washed over me, built up within me. I felt his orgasm nearing as well, evidenced by the shuddering, spasmodic slide of his shaft into me.

  He began to lose control of his pace, gripping both hips in his hands and driving himself in, jerking out and groaning as he slid in again. I loved it when he lost control. I loved being able to do that to him, make him feel so good he couldn’t hold back. I had to move then, lifting up on my toes and driving down to meet his thrusts, bending lower and pushing away from the door with my hands, letting him drive me forward with increasingly powerful thrusts. Soon the room was filled with the slap of flesh against flesh and our joined sighs and moans, and then I felt my body clamp and spasm, a hot judder of pressure unleashing inside me, climax detonating within me. I bit my arm and screamed into my flesh as I came, and I felt him tense behind me, his fingers digging into my hips.

  “God, Beck, you feel so good like this,” he growled.

  I couldn’t respond—I could only whimper and shove myself against him as he slammed into me, frenzied now and thrusting harder than he’d ever done before. I heard him growl, and then he pulled back, paused, and thrust, the hardest yet, and I couldn’t stop a cry from escaping me as he buried himself in me, slapping against me almost painfully, but not quite. It never took much to set me off, but feeling him lose control completely then, slamming into me again and again, groaning with each thrust, taking me for his own…that set me off a second time. The slap of flesh, the way he buried deep, stroking against me just right, his fingers in the hollow of my hips, pulling me against him…I came again, unable to stifle my cry this time.

  “Oh god, oh Jesus,” I whimpered, going limp and boneless, only his body and hands holding me upright, but still fluttering my backside against Jason’s hips as he continued to thrust, lost in his own impending climax. “Are you gonna come now?”

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  “God, yes. Right now,” he groaned.

  He thrust home one last time, and then I felt the hot gush of his release inside me and I cried out as he pressed himself deeper and deeper, not thrusting but crushing himself against me as he came, gasping my name over and over again.

  When he was still, I pulled away from him and stumbled to the bed, collapsing onto it and pulling him with me. He fell in next to me, burying his face against my br**sts and sighing. I held him there, feeling his scratchy stubble brush the soft skin, feeling our pulses hammer in tandem.

  “You really liked it like that, didn’t you?” I asked, after several minutes of restful silence.

  He nodded. “God, yes. I kind of lost it there at the end, didn’t I?”

  I giggled. “Yeah, you kind of did. ”

  He twisted to peer up at me, concern on his features. “I didn’t hurt you, did I?”

  I shook my head. “No, baby. You can f**k me hard anytime you want. ”

  He laughed and rolled over on top of me. “I can? Really? I knew I was being too rough, but I couldn’t stop. I’m s—”

  “Don’t apologize. I said you didn’t hurt me. I liked it. I’m serious. ” I scratched his back and rubbed his backside with my feet, pulling him