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“You’re so big, Colton…” I say, then have to stifle a giggle, realizing how that came out. I said it breathily, and it sounded like something from a p**n o. But it’s true. He’s huge, stretching me.

  “Is it okay? I’m not hurting you?”

  I shake my head. “It’s perfect. ”

  I feel the pressure building, a volcanic heat inside me. He slides out and out, and then he’s poised with the tip inside me, hesitating a heartbeat, then plunges in slowly and I cry out, a breathless shriek. Another slow slide out, and then back in, his finger pulsing inside me, slightly in and out, pushing the pressure to a head, lightning building and crackling in my blood, in my muscles. He hesitates at my entrance again, his tip nestled in my folds, and this time when he thrusts in, it’s faster, almost rough.

  “Yes, god yes, Colton. Like that. ”

  He pulls out and pistons deep, hard. “Like that?”

  “Yeah…” I gasp.

  Again, hard, deep, so deep. “You like it hard?” A rough rhythm now, deep and fast.

  “Yes, Colton…I like it hard. ”

  “Oh my f**king god, Nell. ” He bends over me, buried deep, rests his head against my spine. “How are you so f**king incredible?”

  I have no way to answer that, and I don’t have a chance to anyway, because he’s pounding into me again. I whimper at each thrust, push into him when he slides deep. There’s no thought but this moment, no memory but the previous thrust, no one in the world but Colton. The pressure of impending orgasm is a thundering presence inside me, and I know when it comes, it will be an inundating weight crashing through me.

  Then he slows and shallows his thrusts, sliding halfway in, moving in a sinuous rhythm. Oh shit, that’s intense. Even more intense than having it rough, in a way. He’s hitting inside me in way that strikes a chord, makes me thrum. The edge is near, my climax hovering close. He moves his finger a little deeper, wiggles it in and out, and then abruptly pounds deep, hard, and I break apart. I scream, shove my ass back into his thrusts, coming and coming and coming.

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  Then I’m moving, I’ve lost his presence within me, I’m on my back and about to beg him to be inside me again, but he’s there, sliding in gently, and I sigh in relief to have him back where he belongs.

  “Nell, look at me. ” His voice snaps my eyes open, and his gaze is intense, vivid blue, rapturous in the way he’s gazing at me with such open adoration.

  “Hi,” I say.

  “Hi. ” He says back. His hands lift me by the shoulders until I’m upright and sitting on his knees, somewhat awkwardly. “Wrap your legs around my waist. ”

  He’s cross-legged, sitting upright, holding me, and I curl my heels around his hips. The shift in position effects an immediate difference. He’s…deep. So far inside me it’s unreal. I gasp, and then I can’t even do that, my mouth locked wide in a silent scream as I sink down around him.

  “Oh god, oh shit,” he says. “You’re so f**king tight. Have I said that yet?”

  “You—you may have,” I gasp. “I’m glad I’m tight for you. ”

  “Move for me. Lift yourself up and down. Make yourself come. ” His voice caresses me, his eyes lock on mine.

  I obey, of course I do. I push down with my heels, lift with my thighs, grip his shoulders with my hands and lift. I hover with him barely inside, then, eyes wide and mouth gaping, I lower myself as slowly as I can. I lift again and his hands slide under my ass, lift me, lower me. My rhythm increases until I’m frantic, climax building to a peak.

  He senses it, sees it. “Come for me. ”

  Oh, I do. So hard.

  He’s holding back, I think.

  “Your turn,” I say. “I want you to come now. ”

  He growls, tips us so I’m on my back and now he’s above me and now, now it’s perfect. This is perfect heaven, happiness like I’ve never known before and I feel no guilt or pain or shame or anything but Colton’s body pressed against mine, his mouth pressing fiery kisses to my breast, taking a nipple in his mouth and rolling it, his c**k drilling deep…

  I lock my legs around him and my hands on the back of his head, pulling him against my breast. He rolls into me slowly at first, almost lazily. His mouth moves from one breast to the other, his hands flat on the bed next to my head. I turn my face to the side and kiss his iron forearm, then stretch my mouth wide in a soft gasp as he increases his pace, biting my nipple hard enough to twinge.

  I didn’t think it was possible, but I’m nearing climax again, and I don’t think I can take another one, not when they keep getting more intense. If that keeps up I’ll be ripped in half by this one, and yeah, it’s on me, now, so close. He’s bucking hard, now, plunging madly, his weight a heavy pressure on me, his chest sliding against mine, his mouth at my ear.

  He’s whispering my name over and over again, chanting it as he rocks into me. One of my hands is tangled in the hair at the back of his head, the other is scratching down his back to clutch his tensing bu**ocks, pulling him against me.

  His voice huffs in my ear, a gasped whisper. “Oh god…I’m coming, Nell. Come with me. Come with me, baby. ”

  His head lifts and our eyes lock.

  “Yes…yes…now,” I say. “Give it all to me, right now. ”

  This drives him wild, and he crashes into me, rough and hard and uncontrolled. It’s the most incredible thing I’ve ever experienced, this primal force of a man lost in the throes of ecstasy, crashing into me. He pounds furiously, driving deep, and I dig my fingers into his flesh and his hair, jerk him harder with my legs, feeling my own climax wash over me.

  His rhythm falters, stutters, and then he’s flexed, every muscle taut as bowstring, buried deep. He pulls back slowly, drawing himself out, and then crashes deep, a second time, a third, and then he goes limp on top of me, his huge weight crushing me wonderfully.

  I stroke his back in slow, soothing circles, kiss his shoulder, the shell of his ear, his temple. I smooth my hands down his spine, caress his ass, then trace up his sides, memorizing the feel of his muscles, the way his body feels on mine.

  He shifts. “I must be crushing you. ”

  I hold him in place. “No, don’t move. I like it. You’re fine. I love feeling you like this. ”

  His face is nuzzled into the hollow of my neck and chin, his breathing slow and steady. I’ve never, ever felt such complete contentment as in this moment. I’m sated, I’m happy. I’m throbbing and tingling all over, flushed with ecstasy, overwhelmed and full in my heart, mind, body and soul.

  And then it hits me. We’ve both been using the phrase “I love this,” or “I love it when you…” and that’s a socially acceptable phrase for something you really enjoy. But…the truth is, I think we both mean it in the deeper sense. I know I do.

  I wouldn’t change this moment for anything. And I certainly would never give up having this with Colton. I want to experience this again and again, as much as possible. I feel closer to Colton in this moment than I have anyone before. This thought brings up a wave of guilt, but I push it away.

  “What are you thinking, Nelly-baby?” Colton rolls with me, and now I’m lying nearly on top of him.

  I throw my thigh over his leg and roam his torso with a hand, my hair spread beneath me and over his chest. “I’m thinking this is the best moment of my life. Honestly. I feel closer to you right now than anyone…ever. I’m thinking…I want to experience moments like this with you forever. ” I suck in a deep breath and let it out, then take the plunge. “I’m struggling with feeling guilty over that, because of everything we talked about regarding your brother, but—it’s just the truth. I’m closer to you now than I ever was him. I don’t know why that is. It hurts, it’s confusing. I know I loved him. I did. But…somehow I’m just—things with you and me are just…more. I don’t know. ”

  He strokes my hair, smoothes it over my head. “I get it. I feel the same way. I know I loved Indi