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“‘Fucking incredible’ doesn’t do it justice. ” He craned his neck aside to look me in the eyes. “‘Fucking incredible’ doesn’t do you justice. ”

  I traced my fingers over his pectoral muscles, across the ridged wonderland of his abs, and found his manhood. “You have the most amazing cock. For real. ”

  He chuckled. “I’m glad you think so. ”

  “I wasn’t sure I could take it all,” I admitted, gently, almost idly, caressing him, toying with him, feeling him ever-so-gradually thicken and harden.

  “But you did. ”

  “Will I be allowed to participate next time?” I asked.

  “Perhaps. ” I heard the smile, but my eyes were locked on his cock, watching in rapt fascination as he grew under my touch.

  “You’re getting hard already. ”

  “You make me hard. I just had you, but I need to be inside you again. ” He lay still, letting me touch him, fondle him, stroke him until he was fully erect.

  I shifted so I could use both hands on him, cupping his heavy balls in one hand, clutching his erect length with the other. I caressed him slowly, squeezing around his broad head and loosening my grip as I stroked downward. I slid my body down his, resting my cheek on his stomach, watching him grow bigger and harder with each stroke of my fist down his glistening shaft. Wrapping my lips around him, I kept my jaw spread wide open, and I took him into my mouth, tasted us on him, bobbing him as deep as I could take him, then withdrawing, f**king with my mouth until he was groaning and lifting his hips into my rhythm.

  And then, of course, he pulled me away. “You seem very determined to make me come in your mouth, Kyrie. ”

  I rested my head on his shoulder again and smiled up at him. “Not necessarily. I just like seeing how long you’ll let me suck on you before you stop me. ”

  “Do you want me to come in your mouth?”

  I shrugged. “Sometime, yes. Now? No. Now I want your c**k inside me. ”

  “You marked me, Kyrie. ”

  I lifted up on one elbow and glanced at him in surprise. “I did?”

  He nodded, pointing at a large dark mark on his shoulder. “You did. ”

  I grinned. “Oh. I didn’t mean to. ”

  “I’ve never let anyone mark me before. No one. Not ever. I’m not sure how I feel about it. ”

  I frowned. “It’s just a hickey, Roth. And it’s not visible. ”

  “True. But I did tell you not to move. ”

  I met his gaze. “Yes, you did. But we were both coming at that point, and I just…couldn’t stop myself. I had to touch you somehow. Had to kiss you. ”

  “That doesn’t mean leave a mark on my body. ”

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  I sat up. “Are you really mad about it?”

  He sat up too. “Mad? No. But I think I’ll have to punish you somehow. ”

  My body tensed. “Punish me? How?”

  He tilted his head, thinking. “On your hands and knees. Now. ” I didn’t react right away, wondering what his plan was, and he reached over and pinched my nipple, just hard enough to startle me. “Now, Kyrie. ”

  I pivoted around to face the head of the bed, and then rocked forward onto my hands and knees, head turned to watch him. My hair was still in a ponytail, hanging over one shoulder, and Roth shifted, lifting up and gently tugging the rubber band out of my hair. I shook it out, and then feathered my fingers through it so it fell in golden waves.

  Roth’s eyes betrayed his enjoyment as he gazed at me, on my hands and knees in front of him, hair loose, and eyes curious and nervous but not afraid. “So beautiful. ” He moved to kneel behind me, caressed my ass with one hand on each globe. “Especially this. I love every part of your body, Kyrie, but your ass is particularly perfect. ”

  “There’s no way in hell I can take you back there, Roth,” I told him.

  He shook his head. “No, I know that. But you can take other things. My finger, for instance. Or a vibrator. Or my tongue. ” He smoothed his hand in circles over the round expanse of my ass. “But I’m not going to do any of that. Not yet, at least. ”

  “What are you—” I started, but I was cut off by a sharp smack, the impact of his hand on my ass a loud, resounding clap. “SHIT! That hurt, Roth!”

  He caressed the spot where he’d spanked me, and then, while I watched anxiously, slid his hand to the other side of my butt and caressed the globe, circling once, twice…and then smack! I shrieked again, rocked forward by the slap of his hand on the generous muscle of my ass. Immediately he soothed it, and then put both palms to my ass, circled, circled, and then gave me dual slaps, hard enough that I knew I’d be reddened, and then his soothing hands were gentle once more.

  I tensed as he caressed my backside, expecting another smack, so when his index and middle fingers slid between my legs and into my drenched opening, I moaned in sudden pleasure. And that was when he smacked my ass. I shrieked as the contrast of pleasure and pain braided together and rifled through me, and the shriek turned to a gasp as he repeated the move, circling my clit with his fingers and slapping one cheek and then the other, alternating sides and then smoothing. While his right hand spanked and soothed my ass, driving me forward and drawing whimpers of protest from me, the fingers of his left hand were circling my clit in maddening circles, then diving into my channel and f**king me once, twice, three times, and then pulling out to circle once more. The pleasure and the pain were at odds, piercing me and sliding past each other, curling around each other, pleasure taking over when he pressed fingertips to my throbbing clit, replaced by the shock of sharp stings as his hand spanked and slapped.

  I was confused by the sensations, unable to deny the pleasure yet unable to separate it from the stinging pain of being spanked. And yet the pain wasn’t sharp enough to make me ask him to stop. At first it was merely a surprise, and then it was disconcerting, and then it was irrevocably part of the intense pleasure shooting through me, and I couldn’t deny that I didn’t mind it.

  Each swipe of his fingers, each slap of his hand on my now-sensitive ass made me shriek and gasp and moan, and my body began moving, rocking forward with the spankings, shoving back into his penetrating fingers. I felt a tremor deep inside me, a precursor, followed by another, stronger quake, and then his fingers were circling and I was whimpering and gasping, hips rolling uncontrollably, away from his smacks and into his touch on my clit, and I felt it rising, happening, impending, shaking me.

  “Roth…oh, Jesus…. ” I said, feeling climax burgeoning within me. “I’m about to come so hard…. ”

  “When?” he demanded, fingers circling me madly, palm smoothing my stinging flesh.

  “Now! Ohfuckohfuckohfuck, Valentine!”

  I came with a scream and a burst of adrenaline, shattering into a million pieces, and at that moment, as the scream tore from my throat, Roth impaled me with his cock, driving deep into my pu**y in one quick thrust, rocking me forward and filling me to bursting. My scream cut off abruptly, my voice stolen by breathless ecstasy. My swelling climax ruptured, and all I could do was brace my hands on the bed and push back into him. My mouth dropped open in a silent scream as he palmed my ass cheeks with both hands, drawing nearly all the way out and then gliding deep in a smooth, hard stroke.

  “Oh, my f**king god, Valentine…. ” I gasped.

  “Yes?” He sounded casual, unruffled, thrusting into me again and again, driving my orgasm to heights I hadn’t thought possible, even after as hard as he’d made me come already.

  “Just…describing you, is all,” I said, turning my head to glance at him over my shoulder.

  His thrusts grew harder, and my tits bounced with his pounding, my ass absorbing the impact of his gliding hips with smacking sounds as loud as when he’d spanked me.

  “I’m your f**king god, Kyrie?” He punctuated this with a single hard spank.

  “Yes!” I cried out.

  “You like being spanked, d