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  I met his gaze, steady and hard, and pressed my lips together.

  His eyes twinkled. "You'll say it. You'll say it before I'm through with you."

  He knelt down in front of me, staring up at me through the mountains of my breasts, his hands around my waist to rest on the swell of my ass. His fingers curled through the strings of my thong and he drew it down over my hips, dragging it slowly, never taking his eyes off me.

  Oh Lord, I thought, as he brought the panties down past my knees. He is can't be serious...oh sweet Jesus, he is.

  His tongue ran up my inner thigh to the hollow where my hip met my leg. My muscles twitched and my breath caught. He kissed my belly, low, just above the mound of my pussy. He was still gazing up at me, even as his tongue dipped down to run up the other side of my thigh, brushing just past my labia once more.

  "What are you doing?" I put my hands in his hair, meaning to tug him up.

  "Worshipping a goddess."

  He smiled at me, then pushed at my thigh with gentle, insistent fingers. My stance widened on its own, my legs spreading apart to give him access.

  His nimble, probing, licking tongue swiped up between my lower lips, a wet heat against my most sensitive area. I couldn't even gasp, then. He pressed his mouth to my opening and his tongue flicked in, darting against my clit, a single tender brush, but it was enough to make my legs buckle. His arms went back up and circled my waist, supporting me. I put my hands on his thick shoulders and threw my head back as his tongue went back in, and this time stayed in. He licked in slow, lazy, wide circles around the cluster of nerves, sending shockwaves through my body. I moaned. I couldn't help it, not with his tongue drawing from my trembling loins an ecstasy I'd never known existed.

  The slow circles tightened and sped up, and the shockwaves narrowed in waveform, rolling over me until I was dipping my knees at each pulse of his tongue against my flesh, pressing my mound against his rough stubble, his powerful arms supporting me.

  I cried out, a rasping whimper, and went limp. He caught me, lifted me, actually factually lifted me clear off the ground and onto the bed before I could catch my breath. And then, before the world stopped spinning, he was holding my legs apart, resting my knees on his shoulders and spearing his tongue into me once more, relentless, merciless.

  I was on the verge of blowing apart in his hands when he abruptly stopped, disappeared. I made a mewling noise in protestation.

  "Will you trust me?" Chase's voice came from above me.

  I fluttered my eyes open to see Chase holding a necktie in each hand. I knew what he was planning, and I was torn between terror and excitement.

  He seemed to understand my hesitation. "If you start to panic for real, just say, 'Chase, please stop.' Three words, and I'll untie you immediately."

  I nodded and held my hands out to him. Chase grinned, a wicked smile of anticipation. He tossed the ties on the pillow at the head of the bed, took my hips in his hands and flipped me over to my stomach. I gasped, shocked. He had tossed me like I was nothing, and it had simultaenously made my heart pitter patter in awe, and made my pussy go wet all over again. I was still feeling waves of pleasure from his earlier attentions, and now, with one movement, I was anticipating more.

  He took my hands in one of his and tugged me forward so I was forced to crawl with him to the headboard. He took one of my hands and used the necktie to bind my wrist to the post. I tugged on it, but couldn't pull it loose. He did the same to the other hand, and now I was captive for him, hands bound in front of me.

  "Put your knees underneath you," he said. I did as he told me. "Spread them apart. Let me see all of you."

  My heart was hammering in my chest, but I did as he instructed, spreading my knees as far apart as they would go, lowering my chest to the bed so my nether regions were exposed to him. Chase rumbled in his chest, a noise of appreciation that made me tremble and gush even wetter. I felt his weight press the bed down, and then I felt a warm, calloused palm brush across my backside, caressing and then probing towards my core, finding my pussy with two fingers and stroking the lips, only brushing them at first. I let out my breath in a gasp and tried to twist around to look at him, but he stilled me with a hand on my spine.

  "Don't look. Close your eyes and let me touch you," Chase said, and he pressed a finger to my clit, stifling any words I might have said.

  I closed my eyes and laid my forehead to the blanket beneath me, losing myself in sensation. I had been so close to coming not long ago, and now, with a few strokes of his fingers I was there again.

  I felt him lie down and his hair tickled me; just as I wondered what he was doing I felt his tongue hit me again. He lay underneath me with his mouth pressed against my pussy, breathing into me, hot air blowing against me and eliciting a long gasp. Then his tongue licked upwards into me, found my clit and swirled it, circled around it, pushed against it, and now the explosions began once more, rocketing through me. I moved into him, rocking my body into the growing orgasm.

  The shockwaves were so close together now they were indecipherable from each other, a single cresting, crashing tidal wave. The tsunami broke and I came with a shriek, my inner muscles clenching as pure, sinful pleasure washed through me in a flood.

  He didn't relent with my cry, though. He kept licking and spearing, putting two fingers inside me and curling up to find my G-spot. Light exploded behind my eyes as explosions continued to rock my body, one after another, a thrilling detonation for every swipe of his tongue against my damp nub, a billowing concussion for every caress of his fingers against the rough patch of skin deep inside my walls.

  I curled in, knees tight, fingers gripping the ties with white knuckles as I came and came and came, and still he didn't give in. I had to beg him to stop so I could catch my breath, so I could let my muscles release.

  "I've...I've never had so many orgasms...before," I said, collapsed face-down on the bed.

  "You haven't even started to come for me," Chase said.

  "No, I mean I've never had so many orgasms before, ever. Combined, in all my life." I arched my back as he caressed my spine. "At least, not that weren't self-induced."

  "Then we'll have to make sure you lose count," he said.

  I craned my neck over my shoulder. "I want to see you," I said. "Let me touch you."

  "I'm not ready for that yet."

  "Just one hand? So I can feel you? Please." I didn't mind begging.

  Chase slipped off the bed and moved around to the headboard. He untied one of my hands and stood beside me, just within reach. I ran my hand down his torso, marveling at the cords and ridges of muscle. I'd found my breath, and now my own lust was boiling over. I wanted to feel him, needed to see him nude before me. I'd seen him earlier, but that was with his pants still on. I needed them off, so I could see him in all his glory. The button and zipper were undone in a single jerking motion. I tugged the pants down. They were tight and didn't want to cooperate, especially with one hand, but I got them off and he was standing in front of me, a tiny bit of black fabric stretched tight across his waist. He was huge in his boxers, and I licked my lips at the memory of him in my mouth.

  Just another taste.

  "You can taste me all you want," Chase said, and I realized I'd spoken aloud.

  I dug underneath the elastic to touch his hip, pushed the boxers down and I gripped his muscular ass with my one free hand. The waistband caught on his engorged tip, and I pulled the fabric away from his cock to get them down around his thighs. His shaft was standing at attention, bobbing against his stomach as he breathed. He was naked, then, and I could only stare.

  "God, you are so gorgeous," I said.

  Eight-pack abs, broad pectoral muscles and thick arms, a perfect V leading down to his cock, which was, in a word, perfect. His legs were like tree trunks, his ass a wonderland of muscle and flesh, his hair a sweep of black inky strands, his face a symmetrical sculpture of angles and planes, hard and masculine. And his eyes, deep, dark brown,